Earth art or Earthworks

Land Art: Something we should see more of.

Portal Through The Woods by ~Asphodel-Foxx. [read a lot of fantasy books when I was kid, wishing I could find a portal to another land, and if I ever stumbled upon this in the woods I would have lost my mind]

Environmental Art celebrates our connection to the natural world through beauty, science, metaphor and ecological restoration. It encompasses a surprising landscape of approaches from ephemeral art in nature sculptures designed to last only a few hours before returning to the earth, to community-based eco-art installations which clean up polluted watersheds and promote public understanding of loca...

"After the Chaos," by Bob Verschueren. Spruce and ash trees Arte Sella, Malga Costa, Italy, 12 Amazingly Creative Examples of Environmental Art - My Modern Metropolis

Beautifully done.

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Artist's 'landthropologic' earth artworks bring out the wonders of nature (Video) -

Inspired by land art greats like Robert Smithson, Jim Denevan and Andy Goldsworthy, Minnesota-based graphic designer, photographer and "landthropologist" Paul Johnson experiments with earth-based materials in his work, but adds a bit of modern stop animat

Earth portal...

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All Saints Church, Denmead Hampshire UK  2013 -Jude Tarrant of Sunrise Stained Glass Ltd, Hampshire. Iillustrates Psalm 24:1 “The earth is the Lord’s, and the fullness thereof; the world and everything in it”. A celebration of the beauty of the natural world."

All Saints Church Denmead Hampshire UK stained glass window artist Jude Tarrant 01 Window commissioned 2013 by Jude Tarrant of Sunrise Stained Glass Ltd, Hampshire. To illustrate Psalm 24 Vs “The earth is the Lord’s, and the fullness thereof; the wor

Wonderful gate design by David Freeman

Fabulous circular gates - maple leaf design - David Freedman Would love to have one.