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Stroke of Luck: Calico Kitten Rescued from Moving Mercedes

Saved by a whisker: Kitten rescued from engine of driving Mercedes - Animal Tracks --this is what happe ned to our Meeko! SO thankful for her rescue.

Picture of Calico cat, Callie - © Ronald Sherowsky

Calico Cats Picture Gallery - Colorful Tri-colored Cats

My dream kitty! Just remember they "talk" a lot!

I miss April, but cant wait to own a cat again in the future hopefully raise them from a kitten!

22 Hilarious Pictures Of Wet Cats(Cat bath)

Calico cats are cats with a distinctive white coat with black and orange patches. The color of a calico cat is caused by a.

Calico-Kitten is an adoptable Calico Cat in Dover, TN. Calico-Kitten - about 15 weeks old.  Very playful, yet off-standish.  Not a lap cuddler (at least not at this point).  Adoption Fee $75, includes...

I found Calico-Kitten on

I found Calico-Kitten on Petfinder

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