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Discovery bait! Photographer being attacked from the top of the cage to hungry polar bears were approaching suddenly

Photographer Gordon Buchanan Comes Face to Face With a Hungry Polar Bear, and Captures The Entire Attack on Video

Avispa Macho

RETROACTIVE WARNING: Scary wasp picture above. This is a new species of giant wasp discovered in Indonesia, effectively canceling my plans to ever visit the country. It grows over

rare Kermode Bear, also known as "spirit bear." Spirit bears are white subspecies of black bears, and live in British Columbia, Canada

The Kermode Bear, or Spirit Bear: a sub-species of the American black bear. Only found in what is known as the Great Bear Rain Forest located in west-central British Columbia and a few adjacent islands.


Cute bears having fun in the snow in Germany. Using their bums to go sledding down the hill. Love those feet too!

Photo of the Week: Snoozing Polar Bear

Photo of the Week: Snoozing Polar Bear National Wildlife Federation

Il n'y a rien de plus beau que l'amour

Polar Bear (Ursus maritimus) is a carnivorous bear whose native range lies largely within the Arctic Circle.

Polar bear - #wildnature

"Say Hello" by Kyriakos Kaziras on ~ This is a Female Polar Bear with her cub in the Beaufort Sea, Alaska.

search for bigfoot by helicopter

Casts of what could be Bigfoot footprints (Image: Dr.


Black Iceberg Photo Viral After Internet Onlookers Stunned

polar bear and cubs, animal pictures

Polar Bear Family by Robert Sabin. yet another incredible polar bear family portrait!

I Love Sundays    Looks like myself, David and Lauren on Sundays sitting around watching I love Lucy reruns. Sundays are the best.

Funny pictures about I'm not lazy. Oh, and cool pics about I'm not lazy. Also, I'm not lazy photos.

Bathing Peale's Peregrine Falcon, San Diego, California ~ by Nick Chill ~ #birds #wildlife

Bathing Peale's Peregrine Falcon, San Diego, California ~ by Nick Chill Family Friendly Things To Do in San Diego