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method_crafty_scarves_1 transform old t-shirts into new necklaces

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DIY T-shirt Scarves - roundup of tutorials and instructions showing you how to make a scarf out of a T-shirt. Recycle old T-shirts into cute scarves.


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Tshirt DIY Necklace

I can't wear metal, which rules out most necklaces, Now I can make a t-shirt necklace in any color.

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ribbon and pearl (or bead) necklace. could be any colors. but maybe black pearls and orange ribbon?

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I like when the supplies include a t-shirt and a pair of scissors. Jersey Necklace - might give it a go.

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Girls Camp Craft - Tshirt Crafts and Headbands Tutorial

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Necktie crafts are a fun way to make outdated men's ties cool and useful again! Check out these 10 DIY upcycled necktie crafts & tutorials for inspiration, then grab an old necktie and make something!

Today, I made another t-shirt scarf.   I found the idea on the web, but I kinda made it my own.   It's a lot like the green with envy scar...

A super interesting and creatively flexible take on the recycled-tee scarf. I want to try this with multiple rows, side by side, for an wider, lacy look.