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Grand Cancun, Commercial Center and Skypark


Futuristic Grand Cancun Eco Tourism Resort to Address Our Energy Crisis and Global Warming Grand Cancun could be the world’s first luxury eco tourism resor

Floating Agricultural and Industrial City for Haiti

The city of the future addresses problems like overpopulation, pollution and sprawl by building high-density vertical neighborhoods that are interconnected at all levels so residents can move freel…

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the sustainable future of flight – futuristic air cruiseship

“The hO2+ scraper proposes to break free of the urban fabric and functions as self-sufficient ambassadors in the sea. The hO2+ scraper is an autonomous floating unit of livable, functional and self sustaining space which will function, in a collective manner, as a floating city.  It is self sufficient as it generates its own power through wave, wind, current, solar, bio etc. and it generates its own food through farming, aquaculture, hydroponics etc. It carries with its own small forest on…

The Water-Scraper Designed by Malaysian architect Sarly Adre bin Sarkum. The building would generate its own power using wave-power, solar energy and wind power, and has its own farms, including aquaculture and hydroponics farms.

Концерн НЕВА БИЗНЕС: Маркетинг

The Grand Cancun Luxury Eco-Hotel is a groundbreaking design concept by Architect Richard Moreta Castillo. The design shows the hotel is very eco friendly .

We know about natural wonders of the world like the Grand Canyon, Mount Everest, Niagara Falls and so on...But why not we think about the Man - Made Wonders. Lets talk about the absolute must-see buildings. The ones that will make your jaw drop and...

Top 10 Architectural Wonders of the World - Part I

Green concept of the future called the Lilypad Project This reminds me of an Arrested Development episode. or of the Venus Project.

The Venus Project

The Venus Project proposes an alternative vision of the future,if we apply what we already know in order to achieve a sustainable new socio-economic system

This incredible piece of art was created by Staszek Marek of Poland for the Architecture and Landscape Digital Art Challenge held by NVIDIA back in 2008. It is absolutely breathtaking…

Complex at the Centre of the Universe created by Staszek Marek (Poland)

This incredible piece of art was created by Staszek Marek of Poland for the Architecture and Landscape Digital Art Challenge held by NVIDIA back in It is absolutely breathtaking.

Underwater - Grand Cancun Eco Island Cleans Up the Ocean While Generating Renewable Energy [Future Energy: http://futuristicnews.com/category/future-energy/ Future Architecture: http://futuristicnews.com/category/future-architecture/]

Grand Cancun eco island cleans up the ocean while generating renewable energy

Revolutionary Ocean Skyscraper Designed for Research - My Modern Metropolis

Revolutionary Ocean Skyscraper by Jacques Rougerie Designed for Research

French architect Jacques Rougerie has designed a cross between a skyscraper and a boat for exploring the unchartered territories of the earth’s oceans. Named SeaOrbiter, the vessel is meant to accommodate a team of researchers, who will be able to s


Underground ecological city in abandoned mine The Russian architect agency Alice.ru plans to build an underground ecological city in an abandoned mine in Siberia. Underground cities might be the cities of the future especially in colder areas.

"Evacuated" tube transportation promises to transport you from NYC to LA in 45 mins. Speeds up to 4,000 mph.

Breathlessly billed as "Space Travel on Earth," a transportation concept from Evacuated Tube Transport Technologies, or would reportedly be able to whisk passengers from New York to L. in 45 minutes.