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ron and hermione + relationship development

ron and hermione + relationship development

Emma Watson Made A Good Speech, But This Just Made It Even Better.

Emma Watson Made A Good Speech, But This Just Made It Even Better.

Emma Watson made an amazing speech, but this just made it better

Harry Potter

What 10 Harry Potter Actors Said About Their Roles. I love Harry Potter actors.


Harry Potter + Hamilton (Wait For It)

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last friday night by katy perry harry potter style :) Sing it and it will make sense

Wisdom from Harry Potter

What the Harry Potter books thought us.

Rita skeeter is j. K. Rowling! This would make my life

oh my gosh. Jo is Rita Skeeter. I always knew Hogwarts was real

Ц-arry Potter facts The rnal PaRT -itzditto 1. M.O. McGonagall is listed on one of the Quidditch trophy's in the movies. It has never been confirmed whether it was Minerva McGonagall or someone related to her, but it would explain her Quidditch enthusiasm. 3. Dumbledore’s wand was a very

Harry Potter Facts 9 (The Final Part) - (Re and if McGonagall was in school with Tom Riddle, she didn't play Quidditch with James Potter. I have no idea how many of these are true, but they're fun.

Love this scene! And I'm so happy to see it put into a drawing. So much better than the movie version.

Ron and spoiler by trustahope on deviantART

Harry Potter: Assorted Places in the Harry Potter World | #HarryPotter

I like other than godricks hollow should be a town///Harry Potter: Assorted Places in the Harry Potter World

Harry Potter

The movie it is not sudden and impulsive

Also known as heroname :D

The clock can't be turned back to make room for Harmony, Dramione and Fremione. It will be Romione forever, as foretold at the end of the Deathly Hallows book.

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Realizations learned through reading the series, Harry Potter 4 life.

Harry Potter News and Photos: Harry Potter

It's obvious that he ships them

Dean Thomas is a stalker. (Sorry, Dean, but if you don't want people to think that then you should give them some privacy

Harry potter

I disagree with Because of the horcruxes, Voldemort was never dead. He only used the potion to give himself a proper body again. Like Dumbledore says, no spell or potion can bring back the dead.<< But these are all facts