Esprit des rues

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Amazing Street Art by Etam Cru

Amazing Street Art by Etam Cru

Amazing Street Art by Etam Cru -- Polish creative duo Sainer and Bezt, aka Etam Cru brings boring facades to life with their large scale surreal artworks.  Levalet…

Charles Leval – Levalet

Charles Leval, aka Levalet is a French based artist who created realistic street art figures across in the streets of Paris.

Antigone makes this kind of art on the streets against Creon

Street Art street artists Plotbot Ken and Decycle. Together they hit the legendary Berlin arthouse Tacheles.

Street Art Vibrant Street Art from Valparaiso, Chile

Street Art on

If These Walls Could Talk: A Guide to L.A.'s Neatest Street Art

Street Art LA — Coolest Graffiti Los Angeles

What: Askew of New Zealand teamed up with local artist Zes to create this mural as a part of the L. The two used the building as a blank slate, sending a political message that certainly packs a punch. Where: Street (at Place).