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run through the wall by Nike

Nike's "Run Through The Wall" ad spans two buildings: the first one's got a cracked image of the building in the shape of the running man, while the second one has the actual runner with the Nike logo.

Kraken Rum Billboards Will Kidnap You and Squeeze You to Death, 3D advert. Kraken packaging design by Stranger  Stranger

Kraken Rum Billboards Will Kidnap You and Squeeze You to Death

AXE ADS: Axe Anarchy

New Axe Anarchy for him + for her Unleash the chaos. axe unleash the chaos

Cutty Sark Scotch Whisky: Drive responsibly.

Brilliant Ads on

This poster, focuses more on the affects of alcohol on the brain, and how it can cause serious affects on the roads. The joystick shows the maze of gear changes and how much alcohol affects the brain. The brain is also the shape of the gearbox.

12º Campeonato de golf femenino, patrocinado por Mastercard.

This master card ad goes against gender roles. Golf is predominately a male sport so by putting a woman's dress shoe on a golf course master card is trying to appeal to more women

#Publicidad creativa en camiones..

Awesome truck advertising !!

I really do like these clever truck ads. Like the truck looking like a enormous Mars bar. What better way than to see something as eye catching when you are on the road.

Omg so true love this

From realistic crocodiles to interactive pianos, take a look at same of the best examples of advertising using public stairs and escalators.