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reinopin: Darkroom © Adam Bartos

Adam Bartos’s new book sheds some white light on the dying craft of analog printmaking and the environments that have produced most of the medium’s greatest images.

como armar un cuarto oscuro amateur en casa?

trans: "Like putting together an amateur darkroom at home?

Film, no more than memories trapped awaiting to be astonished and remembered for years. Waiting for the soft crisp of the story it's desperately waiting to tell displayed in a picture frame to be a adored by many.

When you're really dedicated, you sacrifice your ENTIRE bathroom to make darkroom prints.

When you're really dedicated, you sacrifice your ENTIRE bathroom (provided you have more than ONE) to use as a darkroom.

A dark room to develop black and white prints of our world adventures. We can save some rolls of film and develop them periodically throughout our lives, reliving memories, being inspired to travel back to places and revisit people.

The Darkroom: Nostalgia for a Dying Craft

Black and White Darkroom

Build a Darkroom

How to Build a Darkroom. Even with the advent of modern technology, using an old school camera gives your photographs a unique look.

Mike Spry, Downtown Darkroom > Last One Out, Please Turn On The Light' A survey of London's remaining professional darkrooms, Photographer Richard Nicholson


Photography student Charlie Anderson transfers black and white prints from a fixer bath to a wash bath in the ECC darkroom