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Printable Workout Phase 1 (scroll to the bottom for the pdf, other phases there as well!)

Jamie Eason's LiveFit Trainer - Phase This is a 12 week program, print the workouts and take them to the gym. They have videos for all the moves so you can learn them before you go. I am on week 8 and have never felt better! I HIGHLY recommend!

Printable Jamie Eason Day

I can’t believe I have already been clean eating and lifting weights consistently for 60 STRAIGHT DAYS!

Seated Calf Raise Alternative for Gym

Exercises to slim calves - Seated calf raise on ball - Start - Copyright by Rich Fitness Enterprise

Get a dancer's body (because all dancers always look freaking amazing...so jealous!).  You'll need the back of a chair as a "barre"

Get A Dancer's Body With This Ballet-Inspired Workout

Get a dancers body, Youll need the back of a chair as a barre Check out the website to see