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wing sings ac/dc

Does she do "Shoot to Thrill"? No AC/DC cover album is complete without it.


When Metal was Metal. A huge influence on Black Sabbath, Maddy Genets and her band of rockers sadly caved in to the Rock n’ Roll lifestyle. Some even say they were already dead by the time of this photo.

Don't pose like that. Pose any other way but that way. And that's all I have to say.

More of the Funny Bad Record Sleeve Art. A great new compilation of the worst album covers ever.

Wild Thing – Bellicose Hair

Inspired by the Beatles, Wild Thing attempted to pioneer a new style of hair. They were disappointed that it never really caught on with the public.

When the bananas are so good, you just gotta sing about them.

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Terre Thaemlitz ‎– Oh, No! It's Rubato (2001) Does rubato mean potato in this man's language?

Terre Thaemlitz ‎– Oh, No! It's Rubato Does rubato mean potato in this man's language?



Little Wendy Why Why teaches the value of clean and busy hands. And her friend on her right, Little Wally Why Not is in the bathroom with the door locked.~I love what you posted here,lol.

The Worst Album Covers Vol. 1: Really Bad Vinyl

con amore viktor kalborrek  – Eek!

22 Bad Album Covers That Rock The Creepy

He's in the muck over Lili.

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21 Awkwardly Sexual Album Covers

21 Awkwardly Sexual Album Covers