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Captain Shakespeare's flying ship in "Stardust"

'Stardust': Slack Magic, By Kurt Loder

"Stardust" movie air-ship

Stardust - Pirate Ship landing in water for docking. Ah, the pirate ship scenes were probably my favorite.

Steam Punk Art

laljipota: “Outstanding steampunk oil paintings of Airships by German based artist Vadim Voitekhovitch.

THIS what I call a colossal flying machine! This concept from 1850 could carry in very limited comfort all these crowds of people and was powered by a mysterious "ether-drive" (whatever this is): Read more at http://www.darkroastedblend.com/2013/07/airship-dreams-part-2-even-bigger.html#c4EfcYFKo4tOdLrW.99 Dark Roasted Blend: Airship Dreams, Part 2: Even Bigger!

colossal flying machine concept from 1850 powered by a mysterious "ether-drive" - Dark Roasted Blend - Airship Dreams, Part Even Bigger!