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Plus sized outfit shopping is not something enjoyable, particularly when it comes to finding the right sizes and right fits. Since most of the designer outfits and branded pieces are made in standard sizes, plus sized women have to search harder than the others.

4 Tips to Look Sensational in Custom Plus Size Women Casual Dresses

Know where your best skirt heights (above, below or at the knee cap) fall.

Summer to Fall

Petite Fashion Challenge #10 - Summer to Fall

Extra Petite | Petite Fashion, Style Tips and DIY

Taupe & Tweed featuring Ann Taylor Grecian-Inspired Dress

Taupe & Tweed featuring Ann Taylor Grecian-Inspired Dress (Maybe not in taupe)


Autumn at Work: Pumpkin swing jacket hunter green lace ExtraPetite is so good with colors.

The Women's Guide to Dressing for Medical or Residency Interview Success

Wondering what to wear to your med school interviews? Here is a comprehensive list of Do's and Don'ts for your big day.

10 cheats to look slimmer instantly

Putting Me Together: Wardrobe From Scratch, Part Basic Guide to Proper Fit

How great is this visual!!! WOW! Dressing for your body frame can make you look thinner... Proof is in the picture!

What a difference proportions can make! just shows that ill fitting clothes can add LB's to your body (denise)

Huge pet peeve of mine- When people slouch! Definitely a bad look for short people like me.

Reader Request: Building Confidence Beyond Stature