sidewalkcurator:    tactical urbanism or trashcan hopscotch

Art installations that invite or even dare passersby to join in on a fun activity transform even the most stiff and boring urban environments into public playgrounds.

rebel:art | connecting art and activism | Page 63

Creative campaign in Switzerland to get people to notice public trashcans in an effort to curb littering.

Time: This hopscotch installation proves to be temporal because the medium itself is not lasting and eventually will fade.

Public Play Spaces - but a fun idea for a long hopscotch!

Pinturas en 3D utilizadas para frenar a conductores peligrosos en India | Bored Panda

India plans to use paintings as virtual speed-breakers to make its roads safer - The Indian government may use paintings as virtual speed-breakers on major highways and roads, in a bid to check speeding and rash driving, an.

Play Trash Bin

10 Creative Ideas To Reduce Littering & Vandalism

10 Creative Ideas To Reduce Littering & Vandalism - Oddee

park ing day | International Park(ing) Day

International Park(ing) Day

Creation of a Parklet using Tactical Urbanism - Short Term Action, Long Term Change.

Lucerne devises a fun way to get its residents to properly dispose of their trash.

Lucerne's Clever Street Decals Make Taking Out the Trash Fun

Colorful And Artistic Crosswalks Are Showing Up On The Streets Of Madrid

Colorful and artistic crosswalks by art by Bulgarian artist Christo Guelov on the streets of Madrid, Spain - photos by Rafael Perez Martinez, via Contemporist

3 | L.A. Offers DIY Urban Design Kits | Co.Design | business + design

L.A. Offers DIY Urban Design Kits

People St makes it way easier for community members to get a pedestrian plaza, mini park or bike parking approved.