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Free Crochet Pattern These adorable baby booties can be yours with the free Mary Jane Skimmer Booties pattern by Tampa Bay Crochet. Plus, top off these spring booties with the adorable included flower pattern.

Crochet baby shoes in pink -

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Baby Shoe Crochet Pattern Easy On Loafers - knit look crochet - Two Girls Patterns. I need to learn to do this!

Happy Baby Crochet: Hiding Your Stitch! Crochet Baby Shoes - Photo Tutorial Guide

Happy Baby Crochet: Hiding Your Stitch When Making Crochet Baby Shoes - Photo Tutorial Guide

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₩₩₩ crocet patterns for baby sandals Crochet PATTERN (pdf file) - Cross Strap Baby Sandals.

Ravelry: Chili/Elf Baby Shoes pattern by Jee

You will love this Crochet Elf Slippers Tutorial and we have video instructions to show you how. Check out the baby elf crochet slippers too.