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Photoshop Friday Learn Editing Transform

Photoshop Friday Learn Editing Transform I don't care about the Photoshop so much as the picture itself. It is a beautiful, and tastefully done, picture of a mom feeding her baby in the great outdoors.

If you’ve ever tried to take a picture of anything against a bright background, no doubt you’ve run into this problem. Either the background is just right but your subject is TOO DARK, or your subject is fine, but the background is TOO BRIGHT. It’s hard to take pictures in this tricky lighting situation because …

How to Brighten a Dark Subject on a Light Background

Tons of great editing tips on this blog

editing tips -- also, her site has all sorts of wonderful tips about stuff like pricing, composites, tutorials, etc


Ideas for Mallory-hand posing girls. take note! when i photograph seniors, they never know what to do with their hands.here are some ideas,

Aperture vs. Depth of Field

This is a visual guide (photos) to see how the size of the aperture relates to the depth of field. The wider the aperture, the shallower the DoF.