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I want to dedicate to share an another amazing collection of iPhone and iPad app icons. This time we're gathered creative iOS App Icon designs for inspiration



The look of an iPad and iPhone app icon matters more than you may think - if it doesn't look great then there's a risk that your app will be relegated from the

dribbble jetpac 20 Spectacular Examples of Icon Design | Part 3

20 Spectacular Examples of Icon Design

Using the shape of your product to your advantage always works in a positive way. Also the neon blue can also draw a viewer's attention towards it over other icons.


The Lego shape is effectively done. It is easily recognizable as a Lego piece. The shadows and highlights are nicely done. The only thing i would change is to make the piece red instead of blue

Cleveland Cavaliers

Cleveland Cavaliers Jersey Icon

taxi door: MeLeva by João Faraco Jul 5, 2012 via dribbble 633084


taxi door: MeLeva by João Faraco Jul 2012 via dribbble 633084

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