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The War to End All Wars [Hetalia] by HeroicPlights

heroic-plights: “ WWI, The War to End All Wars. It was supposed to be short; the soldiers were supposed to be home for Christmas. But it turned out to be a long, arduous stalemate, thanks to the fiery.

Talia Fairy Tales China- Journey to The West Japan- The Bamboo-Cutter France- Little Red Riding Hood Germany- Snow White Russia- The Princess Who Never Smiled England- Alice in Wonderland Italy- Pinocchio America- The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

Russia and America

Ooooh damn, that picture O.o RusAme fanart. ヘタlog① Pixiv ID: ポメロ < don't ship rusame but I like this picture

The Soviet brothers (excluding the Baltic trio, because they're just too awesome to be here.)

Russia with Male!Belarus and Male!Ukraine<<so.if normal ukraine has giant boobs. Does that mean male!ukraine have a big.