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Dragon ~ Master of Mystical Fire ~ is the oldest and wisest spirit-animal, illuminating collective unconsciousness through lightning (by

Oriental Dragon Tattoo Style Here are some awesome but weird oriental dragon tattoo designs you can get on yourself and the strange thing its the same old dragon in different poses.


Variation of clouds against white background. Properly grouped...

Not so much a fan of this style of finger waves but the simplicity and negative space definitely brings out the complexity of detail in the dragon. The dragon itself is a perfect representation of traditional Japanese IMO. Really dig this over all image

Dragon Tattoo Ideas, History, and Meaning: Chinese and Japanese Designs

Dragon by SMP-kitten

This was homework for the tattoo parlour, I had to trace just the outline and shade it (the original shading was really shit) Dragon

Japanese Dragon by VaraAnn on DeviantArt

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60c4fdae464db4a8a87632983e0c8684.jpg 373×567 pixels

60c4fdae464db4a8a87632983e0c8684.jpg 373×567 pixels