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Favourite WW1 airplane -  Godwin Brumowskis Albatross D.III

Austro-Hungarian Imperial and Royal Aviation Troops. An Oeffrag built Albatros D.III flown by Godwin Brumowski (the man on the left).

Missing Planes - WW2 Aircraft Wrecks: Focke-Wulf FW-190 crashed in 1943

German aircraft of world war 2 landed in the forest near the town of Kirishi.

Rare colour photo of a undisclosed German WW1 Fighter ace with his Albatros.

Eduard Ritter von Schleich Bavarian flying ace credited with 35 aerial victories. Recipient of the Iron Cross, and class, Pour le Merité and the Knight's Cross of the Bavarian Military Order of Max Joseph.

Carl Degelow WW1 Pilot

Carl "Charly" Degelow January 1891 – 9 November Pour le Merite, Royal House Order of Hohenzollern, Iron Cross, was a German fighter pilot during World War I. He was credited with 30 victories, and was the last person to win the military Pour le Merite.