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The World is ONE!  Beautiful song.

"Choose your friends by their character and your socks by their color. Choosing your socks by their character makes no sense, and choosing your friends by their color is unthinkable." - Anon This is probably one of my favorite quotes.

She’s really THAT pathetic.

These two must be sisters, they look so much alike - how beautiful they are and how much joy they share. like me and my sisters. family is the closest thing to yourself. with whom can you be more happy and relaxed with.

# PureBeauty

It is generally believed that black people do not possess blue eyes. The blue eyes has always been associated with the Caucasians (whites).

Elle ne dira plus rien.!.Elle n'en pensera pas moins !..Ça passera sous silence comme l'eau sous les ponts ! ..Sans suite ...

Beautiful big eyes, this portrait shows the true nature of this gorgeous little girl. Innocent and pure. The picture shows that the girl's face fills the frame of this picture and it is also up close.