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A place where I will post random Hentai pictures.

Hanakazari — by Romiy

花飾 by romiy [pixiv] (i think all pixiv artists have made a secret soul trade with satan in exchange for their unbelievable art skills)

Hanabi || I did a post on my thoughts about what she is going through in the show (contains spoilers) || Check it out ~~ http://www.theyorouzoya.com/2017/02/Hanabis-Turmoil.html

Kuzu no Honkai - Hanabi’s Turmoil

Yasuraoka Hanabi - Kuzu no Honkai - Mobile Wallpaper - Zerochan Anime Image Board

Ajin || Despite the 3D, I like this show || Check out my Winter Season 2016 Review here http://www.theyorouzoya.com/2016/03/Winter2016.html

Winter Season 2016 Review

Relaxcos Demi-human Ajin Izumi Shimomura Logo T-shirt Cosplay Small - deal deutschland

Horns mythical female punk reference

scrotumnose: “ imjustanectoplasm: “ My demon girl born for the new LevelUp Artbook! I can’t show you more works about this third book, but luckily you can meet her, Cinderella//Hemlock (。+・`ω・´) At.