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Holding hands is like a PROMISE to one another that, for just a MOMENT, the two of you don’t have to face the world alone.

"Yes, I'll be the Queen" Young Blair // Blair. Auburn hair. She is second in line for the throne. She learn etiquette and manners with Alice. Jealous of her rival, She tries to kill Alice by a ruse

"Hail to the Queen" Anna Claire posing for a birthday shoot. Photo by Hunter Leone of Three Nails Photography. Anna Claire in vintage wedding dress with a crown fit for the young queen.

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My belief is that class does matter because if you aren't able to support a child then you shouldn't be giving birth to one. They connect to my dream job because I wouldn't want to help a lady give birth and not be able to support the child.

Tengo miedo, mucho, y no es el tipo de miedo como cuando eres pequeño, es un miedo peor, más allá de simplemente sentirlo, tengo miedo de vivirlo, de que sea verdad, de que al final todo ello sea algo más que mi propio pensamiento... Tengo miedo de perderte.

Write this story "You will pretend to be in love with me. You will hold my hand. You will go quietly. Or I will kill you." He told me, I have no choice, so I hold his hand and lay my head on his arm and smile.