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Darkened, rain slick streets...the wind blows...you pull your coat alittle tighter. Suddenly, you hear footsteps behind you...

Author and editor Rayne Hall gives ideas for writing scary scenes in a novel.

Bohemian Style

Can someone just buy me a cottage in a large field? I would never stick myself in front of the tv again.


ghcstking: “every lunar new year, my parents buy a bunch of these flowers and put them around the house 🎉🏮 happy lunar new year!


That's where many of our childhood days were spent!reading books, while stretched out on a large limb, watching baby birds in the nest, and swaying back and forth at the top of the tall trees - soaking in the sparkling country air!

Esmé Fransen

Selected works by very talented and only 19 years old Dutch girl - Esme Fransen, an international relations student with an interest in communism, revolution, old objects, and art.