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スーパーカミオカンデ 一般公開のお知らせ | 東京大学宇宙線研究所付属神岡宇宙素粒子研究施設

Super-Kamiokande Neutrino Detector in Japan

Could the images common in accounts of near-death experiences be explained by a rush of electrical activity in the brain? - NPR.org

Brains Of Dying Rats Yield Clues About Near-Death Experiences

Researchers discovered what appears to be a momentary increase in electrical activity in the brain associated with consciousness. As the brain struggles to survive, it also struggles to make sense of many neurons firing in the survival attempt.

R.M. Phoenix Print 1 by R.M. Phoenix on Little Paper Planes $35

R.M. Phoenix Print 1

This graphic design represents geometry because both intersecting lines and acute angles can be found in it.

Ice Blue

A huge slab of glacier ice breaking away & about to crash into the ocean. Antarctica from Nature Mother Earth Board

Vanity Lounge, Hard Rock Hotel, Las Vegas

Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas Hospitality Design Magazine 2010 Awards: Nightclub, Bar, or Lounge Category

#itsnotchristmaswithout Hyde Park Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland In London’s Hyde Park: 5 Reasons To Go Today

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Linea - Simple Graphic Line Illustrations. Marcos Bernardes is working as a graphic designer, illustrator, and toy designer in Santa Catarina, Brazil.

حمام تاریخی سلطان امیر احمد -کاشان Iran, Sultan Amir Ahmad Historic Bath by Ali Majdfar, via Flickr

Sultan Amir Ahmad Historic Bath, Kashan, Iran from the Angelique de Paris Incredible Places Board / olokosmon / fontaine / bassin / perspective / arche / cercle / thermes / bains

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Stare at this for about ten seconds or so, then look at your keyboard.

Stare at the center (while the gif is playing) for 20 to 40 seconds, then look at your hand - WHOAH. It looks like ur hand is moving

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