Reimagining Italy's 81-year-old design for contemporary coffee nerds

Joey Roth + Blue Bottle Coffee Moka Pot

Moka Pot is a minimalist design created by California-based designer Blue Bottle + Joey Roth. To brew, pour hot water in the steel chamber and place ground coffee in the middle. The ceramic serving chamber goes on top.

The Sucabaruca coffee set by Luca Nichetto for Mjolk is influenced by the Italian ritual of filtered coffee and the iconic Caffè Florian in Venice, where Nichetto resides. Consisting of a coffee pot, a funnel, and three cups, the porcelain set is handmade in Toronto by Alissa Coe, and each piece is hand-engraved with a linear pattern. Stained with vibrant hand-mixed pigments, the set is a colourful tribute to French graphic designer Jean-Paul Goude. Shop it now at

'Sucabaruca' Memphis coffee service


Browse coffee brewing gear in the Blue Bottle Store. Find grinders, coffee makers, and filters!

Microwave ready: The tiny Piamo makes the perfect shot of espresso in just 30 seconds

Man invents world's smallest coffee machine

Piamo espresso maker by Gemodo Coffee and Lunar Europe makes coffee in the microwave in 30 seconds.

اجمل اختراع شفته

Portable Coffee Maker // simply plug the Handpresso into your car and have fresh brewed espresso on the go within minutes. Buy at www.espressooutle… Similar to the new Minipresso – the Handpresso Auto and the Handpresso Wild are the original portable espr

An Espresso Maker As Beautiful As The Sunrise

You are going to buy this? Espresso Maker Dana's Bakery, Classic Macaron Collection, Set of 12 The best espresso drinks you can make at home all in

Part of Stelton's Nordic Collection is the addition of Collar Espresso Maker. Perfect for the coffee connoisseur as well as those of you who love a pure and perfect design to your kitchen accessories. Sleek black teflon espresso maker with a curved round fashioned natural oak handle to add some simple raw natural elements to this perfect espresso coffee maker. Flavour and aroma are so important and the classic Italian coocktop espresso maker, also called the 'Moka Pot' is the utmost tool…

Stelton’s Collar espresso maker is a contemporary take on the classic Italian moka pot. Pour water in the base section, measure finely ground espresso coffee in the funnel filter and place the espresso maker on the stove.