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一场即将告别的青春 - http://mag.moe/63953  一段年少轻狂的岁月,一个充满幻想的时代。    あいのプログラム — GWAVE 00:00/00:00   散歩日和 — Duca 00:00/00:00   希望の歌青叶 — りんご 00:00/00:00   永远の孤独 — 璃杏 00:00/00:00   夏の日のリフレイン — 西沢はぐみ 00:00/00:00

akiyama_mio bikini detexted hirasawa_yui k-on!

Perfect position! I use these kinds of pics for references. But i never do try make it look exact! I love originality=)

Q: anime girl with headphone. Why do i love anime girls with headphones so much?'cause those headphones are adorbs.

K-ON! - I have watched the two seasons, majored the anime and it's music (hint)…

K-On! Kyoto Animation / Hirasawa Yui, Tainaka Ritsu, Akiyama Mio, and Kotobuki Tsumugi

K-On! | Kakifly | Kyoto Animation / Tainaka Ritsu

I post adorable anime girls. Also, vanilla theme because there's too many friggin complicated themes and I have no idea how to navigate around them.