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Raúl Martínez's Blue Militia Man from 1970

A History of Graphic Design: Chapter 36 - Art of Posters for Films - the Cuban School

Credit: Kemistry Gallery 1970 – Day of Solidarity with the People of Laos by Ernesto Padrón

Che Guevara goes pop: Cuban propaganda posters – in pictures

Vietnam War era poster (c. 1970)  Source: Wisconsin Historical Society

Graphic poster announcing an event for the Front National de Liberté (National Front for the Liberation of South Vietnam).

Tricontinental. 13. / Cartel OSPAAAL.: OSPAAAL, La Habana - Carmichael Alonso libros

Of all the artists to design posters for OSPAAAL, my favorite my a wide margin is Alfredo Rostgaard His illustration style and.

"These posters by Cuban artist Felix René Mederos Pazos were the product of a trip Mederos took to Vietnam in 1969, on assignment from the Cuban government's Department of Revolutionary Orientation.  Cuban artists often addressed international subjects, in alignment with the Cuban Revolution's political focus. (Other posters produced around this time expressed solidarity with anti-colonial guerrillas in Angola, Black Panthers in Watts, and the people of Hiroshima.)"

Bright 1970 Cuban Propaganda Posters Urging Solidarity With Vietnam

1969 Cuban Original POSTER.Rene Mederos Vietnam War.Ho Chi Minh History Pop art #PopArt

The communist art of René Mederos, Cuban propagandist for Vietnamese revolution

Raul Martinez, OSPAAAL poster

Nice wee exhibition of revolutionary posters from Cuba on at the Glasgow School of Art at the moment (until Oct).

13 Vintage Propaganda Posters That Highlight The True Art Of Revolution

13 Vintage Propaganda Posters That Highlight The True Art Of Revolution

Saigon - Week of solidarity with Vietnam Cártel de Rene Menderos