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BBDO Moscow created these interesting advertisements for Greenpeace to educate consumers about genetically modified foods. They made creatures out of vegetable scorpion: "Do you know what you eat?

Идея за ефективна външна реклама | Салон Маркетинг

tarjetas de profesor de Yoga Stretch, Pull and Push - 8 Brilliant Ways of Selling Yoga - This would be an awesome sign with a gymnast

71 Brilliant, Clever and Inspirational Ads That Will Change The Way You Think – Design School

71 Brilliant, Clever and Inspirational Ads That Will Change The Way You Think

medicine ads: "Bayer ASPIRINA" by Adolfo Murillo (funny: surname murillo as if taking the pill helps you morir - die in Spanish ;

Susurro - Ilusión óptica More prevalent than people know. It's not schizophrenia it's a lot of other things that one's sensations, stress levels, hormone levels,  body chemistry etc that cause all sorts of things one hears. Most hide it increadably well as it becomes another issue one has to adapt  too. People have an increadable abilities to adapt to things they never thought they could.

Mental health shouldn't be a taboo or an issue. Adverts like these can help it on the way not to be. The design creates a discreet, hidden look, this works well for the subject matter.

Taekwando School:

222 Awesome Advertising Ideas From Around the World

Chapter 8- This second example of creative ad marking in a new way that catches the peoples attention because its not in an expected location like the back of the bathroom door. I feel that this almost goes across barriers. i.e. people will market anywhere and do companies want people to talk about your brand hearing about it in the bathroom.

10 Creative Bathroom Ads

Here is a great example from Natan Jewelry Shop (Sao Paulo, Brazil) of guerrilla marketing. The company did a great job using promotional stickers or decals in order to show their female target market how beautiful the jewelry would look on them.