LTD - Back In Love

LTD - "(Every Time I Turn Around) Back In Love" on Soul Train. Spent many happy days watching this show and trying to imitate the dance moves that I saw.

the sylvers - YouTube

1976 - The Sylvers burn up the singles chart when their disco hit "Boogie Fever" reaches No.


Carol Douglas - Doctors Orders performing live tonight at in Staten island along with Cory bar for all pm

THE O'JAYS / LOVE TRAIN (1972) -- Check out the "Super Sensational 70s!!" YouTube Playlist --> #70s #1970s

The O'Jays - Love Train Audio Redone By Dj Cole). Create a free music playlist and listen to 10 millions music playlists.

America ~ A Horse With No Name ~ 3 decades later & still an awesome song

America - inicio namoro com Ceceu , surf , comida natural , love love e Xande…

Awakenings: ♫Best of My Lo♥e The Emotions - A family act in the truest sense is a perfect description for The Emotions, who began their singing career as The Heavenly Sunbeams. Three sisters, Sheila, Wanda and Jeanette Hutchinson began performing gospel music publicly while still in grade school (ages 3, 4, and 5) under the guidance of their father, Joseph. It was only a matter of time and meeting the right persons (The Staple Singers) for the group to crossover to secular soul and R&B.

The Emotions ~ Best of My Love. Because back when a little movie called Star Wars: Episode IV: A New Hope was released in this was one of the year's biggest hits.

Patrice Rushen - Forget Me Nots - I have a hard time believing that this song is OLD now.  *smh & dancing*  :)

Patrice Rushen - Forget Me Nots. what's weird is that if she were a year old artist today, she wouldn't get signed.

Golden Earring - Radar Love (1973) - Golden Earring is a Dutch rock band, founded in 1961 in The Hague. They achieved worldwide fame with their international hit songs "Radar Love" in 1973. Current members of Golden Earring are Barry Hay (vocals, guitar, flute and saxophone, member since 1967), George Kooymans (vocals and guitar, founder of band), Rinus Gerritsen (bass and keyboard, founding member), and Cesar Zuiderwijk (drums and percussion, member since 1970).

Here's one that's sort of been forgotten from 1973 -- the Dutch band named Golden Earring with their hit 'Radar Love' - check out those early Disco duds the group is wearing!

STEELY DAN / DO IT AGAIN (1972) -- Check out the "Super Sensational 70s!!" YouTube Playlist --> #70s #1970s

Do It Again - Steely Dan, 1973 The sound is from the studio version and the video is from the Midnight Special aired in 1973 Uploaded by changeting on Jul 2009

GORDON LIGHTFOOT ~ "If You Could Read My Mind" 1972

"Rick, Red and Gordon - if this doesn't grab your heart - you might not have one" gordon lightfoot if you could read my mind live in concert bbc 1972