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Only Sixteen...Dr. Hook

Only Sixteen (+playlist)

Home -  My Land. Absolutely gorgeous.

Celtic Thunder - My land

It is for me; in fact, I'm listening to music at this very second. :)

improve my singing, long term

Moon, Moon Moon, The Moon, La Luna


Phil Phillips - Sea Of Love (Lyrics)

Tu y tu interior....

File:Beach Sunset at Point Chevalier Beach - Auckland.

Julio Iglesias If You go away Lyrics - YouTube

music: Don McLean Pics: Vincent van Gogh Starry, starry night Paint your palette blue and grey Look out on a summer's day With eyes that know the darkness in.

Fripp Island, SC

Fripp Island, SC - Heaven on earth!

Bread, Make It With You, (The Best of Bread) with lyrics

England Dan and John Ford Coley - I'd Really Love to See You Tonight Live Performance Performed by Danny Wayland "Dan" Seals (February 1948 – March

ENIGMA Why~ And Imagine The answeres Exist .. and a Path... Home!/ D_EmotionProject SpringForward Time To Play Again.. ReturnToInocence.

Enigma - Why

Mary Hopkins - Those Were The Days - song lyrics, song quotes, songs, music lyrics, music quotes,

Those Were The Days ~ song lyrics, song quotes, songs, music lyrics, music quotes

Be by Neil Diamond. My favourite song from ND. Teaching us to believe. Very spiritual and who could write better words than "Lost on a painted sky where the clouds are hung for the poet's eye." A truly beautiful song and makes me believe we really are all one family here on Earth.

Be - Neil Diamond Written by: neil diamond

Camden, Maine

I could see this from my room at night.

Gloria Estefan - Don't Wanna Lose You

Cameo - Sparkle