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Ukrainian model and yoga guru, Luba Shumeyko dons her birthday suit and shows off her favourite yoga poses for famed nude photographer, Peter Hegre.

Brain activity and BrainWave Entrainment

What are Binaural Beats? Tones produced specifically for the purpose of altering your brainwave frequencies. The posts in the link also contains an exclusive free binaural beats sample of a pure alpha wave.

12 Tips For Faster Metabolism And Weight Loss | Fit Villas

12 Tips For Faster Metabolism And Weight Loss

Losing weight is not too easy rather this is what that makes you sweat every day even of thinking. Only for all those difficulties maximum people leave the weight loss journey in the middle of the way and as a result they become more bulky, as finding no

HAPPI HUMANS! We're all on the pursuit of happiness but somewhere along the way most of us forget to stop and just be happy. Happiness will never come from the objective we strive so hard to obtain but rather from the journey of our transformation alo

A few years ago I took my first aerial yoga class. It was love at first sight! I've been dreaming of my own yoga trapeze for a long time because I think it's for example great for passive stretching. Photo by Nude Yoga Girl

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#yoga #antigravity yoga inspiration-this looks fun!!! Kind of like playing on the playground as a kid!

For women, gaining weight is a huge deal. These 12 yoga asanas for thighs work wonders at preventing the accumulation of fat in the problem areas like the thighs, hips etc.

Half-Moon Pose (Ardha Chandrasana) In addition to warding off stress and anxiety, the Half Moon Pose can be therapeutic for fatigue, according to Yoga Journal. In a forward fold, bring the right hand about 10 inches in front of you and slightly to the right, extending the left leg up while the hips and torso open. Extend the left arm up and hold the pose for five breaths before repeating on the other side.

23 Signs You're Secretly An Introvert

Ardha chandraasana (The half moon posture): Practicing yoga is great for your mind and soul and is also an exercise that helps burn fat fast. Take a look at the easy yoga moves that you can do in 10 minutes.

.Try this fascinating diet from this cardiologist that will hepl you lose wight. - Read & Repin Follow Us

.Try this fascinating diet from this cardiologist that will hepl you lose wight. - Read & Repin Follow Us

so basically, eat more fruits and veggies and nuts!  which is what we should all be doing anyways.

How To Control Your Food Cravings.

Ever wondered why you are craving for a certain type of food? For example, sweets? Now here's how to handle your food cravings in a healthy way!

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10 Simple Habits To Get Happier Right NOW "Try going one day or an entire week without complaining. When you get the urge to blame, ask yourself, "What can I change in this situation in order for me to accept it?