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The varieties of spoken Chinese in Eastern China and Taiwan .

Map of sinitic languages - Varieties of Chinese - There is really no "Chinese" language. Most of the varieties are mutually unintelligible. They do, however, all share the same writing system.

The Evolution Of Chinas Borders

The Evolution Of China’s Borders

Territories of Dynasties in China - History of China - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Map of German Dialects and Migration

German dialects and migration Sprechen Sie Deutsch? How linguistic variations affect where Germans choose to live.

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A more in depth look at the language families of Europe [993x1270]

Languages of Europe (classification by linguistic family). Source: link Basque should be separated by a solid line

German Kingdoms 1868 by whanzel

Map: German Kingdoms 1868 - a little history is good to know. 3 branches of my family came from Westphalia!

The Many Nations of Iran

US Sanctions Lead to no World of Warcraft Access in Iran - Word of The Nerd

A history of China. Info on Shang dynasty.

The Shang Dynasty took control over china during the century BC. This dynasty was ruled by 31 emperors and based their economy on slavery. Slavery was a major part of their trading system.

Map of East & Southeast #Asia in 1932.

Indonesia Art - 1932 Map Of East Asia, Showing Nations by Everett

state of israel | Here’s a map of Israel as things stand today:

This is a great interactive map of Israel (site includes other excellent links). Atlas includes historic maps and short outlines of Jewish history. A good educational tool.