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First working with the likes of Brian Jones, of the Rolling Stones and Bob Dylan before becoming a semi-member of the Velvet Underground, due to the frictional ideas of Andy Warhol, Nico swung between martial supplication and funereal lament. Based in Renaissance chamber music, Nico blended elements of ancient Greek theatre, medieval play, Gregorian chant and exotic drone to create agonising, isolationist soundscapes. Equally Homer's Helen and Circe, Nico's litanies fused elements of ...

EVGENIA GL Nico of Alain Delon/ Andy Warhol/ Velvet Underground/ Chelsea Girl/ fame; everybody's muse (including Jim Morrison's & Bob Dylan's) in the and a musician in her own right

Christa "Nico" Paffgen - Brain Hemorrhage - 50 years old

Christa Päffgen, better known as Nico started out as a model, doing shoots for Vogue and other.

Nico was a heroin addict for over 15 years. In the book Songs They Never Play on the Radio, James Young, a member of her band in the 1980s, recalls many examples of her troubling behaviour due to her "overwhelming" addiction. However, shortly before her death, Nico stopped taking heroin and began methadone replacement therapy whilst also embarking upon a regimen of bicycle exercise and healthy eating.

In Nico, a german beauty intense and bizarre love affair with Jim Morrison.


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