Degas -  man and a woman riding - watercolor

Edgar Degas [French Realist/Impressionist Painter and Sculptor, Two Riders by a Lake, circa 1861 Ink, wash and white gouache Bibliotheque Nationale de France (France)

John Singer Sargent - Jane de Glehn in a Gondola

ha, just found this posted. It is of my great, great Aunt, Jane Emmet de Glehn. missfolly: “ Jane de Glehn in a Gondola, ca. by John Singer Sargent ”


Rue de la Paix, Place Vendome in the Rain by Edouard Leon Cortes - 18 x 21 inches Signed Edouard cortes edouard cortez edouardo cortes edouardo cortez paris street scene

Willard Metcalf - The Poppy Field (c.1886)

~ "The Poppy Field" by Willard Metcalf, aka Willard Leroy Metcalf American Artist who studied at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston .

Clouds, 1896, John Singer Sargent

Painting: John Singer Sargent, Clouds, 1897 watercolor on white woven paper. I think clouds are very hard to paint well.

I don't care if he was really crazy or just pretending to be crazy for the attention, I love his work, and that is all.

Celestial Ride - Salvador Dali - - - - - Surrealism, Before Surrealism, there were the Dadaist movement which influenced Surrealism and artists like Salvador Dali.

Moonlit seascape at Cap Martin, 1892 Alfred Stevens

Alfred Stevens [Belgian Painter, - Moonlit seascape at Cap Martin, 1892

Edgar Degas | Le Fauteuil, pencil and watercolour on paper 1860

Edgar Degas (French, - "Le Fauteuil" [The armchair], 1860 - Pencil and watercolour on paper: