ishigami 2

ishigami 2

Proposal for House in a Little Forest/Junya Ishigami, Japan. The house rises a total of eleven stories; each floor is dedicated to a single, small square room.

Architectural Drawings That Gleefully Ignore Reality

Your Guide To Interacting With An Introvert

Architectural Absurdity Tom Ngo “Absurdity is a rhetorical device aimed at questioning (architectural) conventions.

Interior Design Portfolio by Adrie Costanza

Interior Design Portfolio

This looks like a design made somewhere like autocad and rendered. It seems quite cool and natural, I like how it shows what is going on in each room and the detail around this interesting building.

Hotel in Sorrento with private beach - Parco dei Principi

Among the hotel facilities, a private beach with bar and restaurant, and a salt water pool designed by Gio Ponti.

Study of Lower Manhattan Expressway, Ford Foundation, NY, NY 1967-1972 // Paul Rudolph

Paul Rudolph Drawings

Callahan Residence, Birmingham, Alabama 1965 - Rendering by Paul Rudolph Architect Paul Rudolph was known for his much-loved (and loathed) Brutalist yet spatially complex buildings.


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Gio Ponti´s apartment on via Dezza. In front, the Superleggera chair, 1957. © Gio Ponti Archives, Milano

design-is-fine: Gio Ponti, focus on the chair Superleggera, This was the home of the architect in via Dezza.