i just want this bed. I want a sun room that I can take a nap in. just sprawl out on this cushy bed/comforter like a cat and lay in the sun. and take a glorious nap.

I'm willing to bet that most people, no matter where they live, if asked to draw a house will draw something with a pitched roof, a little bit like this. I think there's something about a steeply pitched roof that feels deeply comforting to us, so much so that it has become part of our very idea of home. Which might help explain the appeal of these attic bedrooms: tucked away under the eaves, they just feel so lovely and cozy (and maybe soaring and dramatic, too, as in the case of the...

A Gallery of Gorgeous Attic Bedrooms

A Gallery of Gorgeous Attic Bedrooms - Attic Room / Bedroom dke

a loft somewhere~love the simplicity~ floors~very inviting :)

Dream beach house pictures - amazing home design ideas - Sarahs Cottage - living room - Georgian Bay.

nouveau toile wallpaper, crisp white sheets, timber ceiling, polished concrete floors.  love.

Bedroom Design - The custom beds are made from reclaimed ceiling timbers by Dave Hollier Woodwork and Design. The Wythe Hotel bedrooms feature nouveau toile wallpaper designed by Dan Funderburgh and printed in Brooklyn by Flavor Paper.

my dream room

ceiling**Attic Bedroom Decor :: Love the Blue & Grey

Nos gustan los nórdicos - Tu casa y tu jardín - Mujer: Moda, belleza y decoración - Charhadas.com

all white with little bits of color. love the clean look of this room. *my bed on right of window

.la comoda de mimbre

a porch bedroom!


Residential Melbourne 424 Gardener & Marks Don't like the green lights but my god that window.

Like the industrial feel of this. Needs a little more warmth added.

white bedding and frame the bed is on.maybe painted white with weathered wood headboard?


Cosy New York City Loft - Bedroom Designs - Decorating Ideas - HGTV Rate My Space - Exposed brick wall - Lanterns


i'm just in love with neutral rooms these days. great inspiration for my beach house

Bedroom via Indoors / Outdoors

Frederic Hooft & Eva Goethals House photographed by Frederik Vercruysse.


cozy bed, with this special light every morning

dream bedroom

dream bedroom

Stone Creek Camp - rustic - Bedroom - Other Metro - Andersson-Wise Architects


If you don't have room for an entire canopy bed, drape sheer cloth around your sleeping space from the walls or ceiling.

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The romanticism of this window nook from Anthropologie is something we absolutely love. The purple tones add so much to this nook.