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Grease stains on your clothes -  Put a little Dawn dish soap on the spots and wash as usual. Even works on stains that have already gone undetected through the dryer.

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Add a teaspoon of water when frying ground beef. It will help pull the grease away from the meat while cooking

Homemade Mamas

Homemade Mamas Homemade Dishwasher Detergent borax + baking soda, vinegar as rinsing agent

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85 Apartment Guide “Smart Storage Solutions: Control the Clutter” Blogger Challenge: Crossing the Finish Line!


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Lots of great things tips and tricks for around the home!

Tons of home remedy tips and tricks

The Fun Cheap or Free Queen (Site is full of DIY projects, deals, savings tips, hints and tricks, and tons of party and gift ideas.

50+ Paper Flower Tutorials & Templates: {Free}  This site also has tons of other craft, DIY projects, food, gardening, health & beauty & household tips!

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Do It Yourself - Home Sweet Home...  This is an great tip sheet for quick and easy fixes and tips around the house.

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Tons of home remedy tips and tricks for every household! I was stoked after reading a few of them.

Tons of home remedy tips and tricks

Tons of tips. Is it true that if you pull your bananas apart they last longer? I heard they last longer bunched up? Is a pepper with 3 bumps on the bottom sweeter and better for eating, and 4 bumps firmer and better for cooking? Lots of interesting tips.

"miracle" cleaner for your baking pans etc.  This blog is full of helpful hints!

How To Make My 2-Ingredient Kitchen & Bathroom "Miracle Cleaner"