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El CGI es el Lado Oscuro de la Fotografía por Mateo Salvador

CGI is the Dark Side of Photography Created by Matteo Salvador

Star Wars set at lunchtime

Some Rare Historic Photos

30 Awesome Behind The Scenes Photos From Old Movies: The guy who played (Kenny Baker) chows down on a sandwich while on the set of Star Wars

Awesome STAR WARS Art: Procrastination Never Looked So Good! | moviepilot.com

Awesome STAR WARS Art: Procrastination Never Looked So Good!

When I feel like procrastinating, my usual process involves grabbing the closest snack and my controller, or catching up on [Parks and o.

Superhéroes y Star Wars en estilo fractal

geektrooper: “ Star Wars Boba Fett “Bounty Hunter” by Liam Brazier ”


Freelance illustrator and animator Liam Brazier makes cool geometric illustrations of familiar pop culture icons like Darth Vader, the Incredible Hulk, and

Behold 13 rare and stunning concept posters from the Star Wars vault

Doctor Seuss Star Wars

Doctor Seuss Star Wars

Doctor Seuss Star Wars I honestly think that I just needed to make a Dr. Seuss and a Star Wars Mix board

Some of the paintings for Empire Strikes Back and Return Of The Jedi by Ralph Mcquarrie, Michale Pangrazio, and Chris Evans.

This Is How 'Star Wars' Filmmakers Created Elaborate Scenes Before CGI

Check Out These Incredibly Detailed Background Paintings from 'The Empire Strikes Back' and 'Return of the Jedi': With news that J. Abrams and company have completed filming for Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens,

Similarities between the Avengers and Star Wars characters! Nick Fury/Mace Windu made me laugh.

''luke!im your mamas, babys, daddy!" and a little behind in child support i expect!

30 Amazing Star Wars Inspired Designs & Illustrations