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Three Games To Play With Your Guinea Pigs

Three Games To Play With Your Guinea Pigs

The fun thing about having pets is spending time interacting with them. It& not fun for them or you if all they do is sit in a hutch or cage all day, waiting for their next meal. Of course, you should always have two or more guinea pigs, as they.

Sample Weekly Vegetable and Fruit diet for your guinea pig in addition to fresh unlimited grass hay and water.

DIY Guinea Pig cage. I'm seriously gonna make one of these for Gary! He's gonna be one spoiled little boy.

It's usually expensive to buy a guinea pig cage from the pet store. In addition, it's not easy to find the right size of cage.


White c&c guinea pig cavy large indoor play pen cage custom build metal grid

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Giving Your Guinea Pig The Companionship It Needs. Photo by Jlhopgood Among the most commonly held beliefs when it comes to guinea pigs is that it is okay to keep just one on its own.

What Toys Can I Give My Guinea Pig? Find out at http://renasherwood.hubpages.com/hub/What-Toys-Can-I-Give-My-Guinea-Pig #cavy #GuineaPig

What Toys Can I Give My Guinea Pig?

inexpensive "toys" for Guinea Pigs~Piggies think burrowing and nibbling are fun!

Cheap & Almost-Free Guinea Pigs Toys Your Cavy Will Love

Fortunately for your wallet, guinea pigs are easily amused. It doesn't take a specialty toy or super-spendy accessory to keep your guinea pig happy.

Poof with guinea pig paw print keepsake and other guinea pig articles

check out Poof's piggy paw prints! As promised, here's our craft tutorial for making guinea pig paw print keepsakes. Instead of using a pre-made pet kit, this easy DIY proje


Main Reasons Why You Should Adopt A Guinea Pig. Photo by photon_de Guinea Pigs, like other animals that are adopted as pets, need new homes for all different kinds of reasons, and normally it is not due

"All this for me?" "Why, yes, it is...all for you."

Baby Guinea Pigs - Is there anything cuter than a guinea pig? For true cavy lovers, the only point could be an baby guinea pigs.

fun things to do with your guinea pig

A huge list of fun things to do with your guinea pig. Keep your cavy entertained, stimulated and create a bond between the two of you!