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Faulds (armour) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Faulds are a piece of plate armour worn below a breastplate to protect the waist and hips. They take the form of bands of metal surrounding both legs, potentially surrounding the entire hips in a form similar to a skirt.

Faulds - Faulds (armour) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Resultado de imagen para Medieval Leather Scale Armor

Resultado de imagen para Medieval Leather Scale Armor

Control inspiration needed - Battletech Pod | Flight Sim Pit Builders | SimHQ Forums

Control inspiration needed - Battletech Pod Flight Sim Pit Builders SimHQ Forums

MA - 13th Century Arms & Armor http://www.infohow.org/war-weapons-military/armor-uniform-insignia/ma-13th-century-arms-armor/ #militarydesign #militaryuniforms #military

Horse Armour is armour for stallions. Throughout the late Middle Ages as armour insurance for knights ended up being more adequate, their mounts ended up being targets.

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The jousting armor of Dr. Tobias Capwell, scholar and warrior. A unique armour in the English style, circa 1440 - made of hardened and tempered medium carbon steel with rich gilt ornamentation and gilt chainmail. A real Iron Man.

Foot-Combat Armor of Prince-Elector Christian I of Saxony (reigned ~Anton Peffenhauser (German, Augsburg, Decorator: A.

Cool leather armour.

LARP costumeLARP costume - Page 76 of 224 - A place to rate and find ideas about LARP costumes. Anything that enhances the look of the character including clothing, armour, makeup and weapons if it encourages immersion for everyone.

Plackart Armor

Plackart Armor

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Different ways to hang your sword. This serves as great reference material when designing weapons for characters.

Kikko wakibiki close up - Kikko (Japanese armour) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

A close up view of an Antique Japanese (samurai) wakibiki showing the kikko armour, small hexagon lacquered leather plates, connected to each other by kusari (chain armour) and sewn to a cloth backing

Robert MacPherson made this armour for Dr. Capwell, it is based on Toby's research of mid-15th century English effigies.

Stainless Steel Medieval Knight Suit Of Armor Combat Full Body Armour