Well, I try to be a good example to other people by not being a mean, revenge-seeking swiftie, but this is what i'm thinking.

Taylor Swift. @kayli walters. This is the old taylor swift

"Our song is a slamming screen door/sneaking out late tapping on your window/when we're on the phone and you talk real slow/cause its late and your mamma don't know"- Our Song.

Only on the trampoline will Taylor and Ed be writing a song about for Ref album!!

taylor swift facts------ Airplane bathrooms, trampolines, in bed at 2 am! This girl writes stuff everywhere! And she's awesome!

Seriously, people. There are even more I could add to that list...

Taylor writes about feelings just like every other great artists in this world. Yet you only see her flaws and insists on listening to offensive rap musics. Stop this bigotry.

THIS! Taylor Swift songs are the best :")

Her country songs ARE better than her pop ones, and to me, isn't that great of an album, but really, there is no such thing as a bad Taylor Swift song.