Could use myriads of bits and pieces making a lovely aprong like this (By Andrea Singarella)

An Apron for Andrea

By: Andrea Singarella lovely apron but I wouldn't wear it--just show it off

dottie angel: 'whatnot' holiday garland

ingredients required: imagination rose colored specs a trusty basic sewing machine scraps of vintage fabrics off cuts from sewing projects s.

Dottie Angel: An apron that would make me feel pretty.

:: nothing like a sweet apron wrap to make life seem so much better. wrapped over jeans or around a summer skirt, looking just peachy in the kitchen,

Look at that Pom Pom Garland!! Amazing!!

i made it to Minnesota on wednesday on my 'owny oh', and made it all the way back again yesterday. we had the most spiffiest .