Lorenzo Duran is a self-taught Spanish artist who uses ancient Chinese, Japanese, German and Swiss paper-cutting techniques to create beautiful creations out of dried leaves.

Spanish artist Lorenzo Duran makes beautiful art on leaves. I have seen a lot of stencils and cut-out art on paper, but Duran's works on leaves are on a wh

Puking rainbows; the colors are amazing. The 3D piece is beautifully done to make something like puke into something beautiful

Puking rainbows.

this sympathetic skull vomiting lots of colorful pieces of paper. This brilliant installation called "Confetti Death" was made by Miami street art artist Typoe

Paper Cutting Botanical…lovely

gorgeous paper cut by Swallowfield (Jennifer Judd McGee). Seed pods and leaves. Pattern, positive and negative space

I finally broke out my leather tooling stuff and went to town on this design. I changed the pouch design I had a little by including a small pocket in the front flap, to place notes, cards or what ...

veg tan leather, tooled and stained, finished with mink oil, lanolin and beeswax Kaganfindel Bracer, 2012 Version

amazing book sculpture. I don't know who the artist is and I can't seem to find out. Does anyone know?

amazing book sculpture Looks as if the books story is coming to life, interesting concept very well executed

Paper Art~ take my hand

Papercuts my Joe, hand cut paper art. Check out this artist on Etsy, it is amazing. I can't believe it is all hand cut.


Su Blackwell’s paper dress installation, While You Were Sleeping (it makes me think of the end of Tim Burton's "Corpse Bride")

This is so cool, a great large scale instillation.   Design Free Thursday // Toilet Paper Installations by Sakir Gökcebag.

Toilet Paper Installations by Sakir Gökcebag.

my new "spare roll" supply closet idea!--Incredible toilet paper installations by artist Sakir Gökcebag via Hamada

Very clever...I especially like the 'glowing' tree roots, but I don't even understand how the icicle one works...

An Artist Used Nature To Create Some Amazing Land Art