Twisted Plank on BOSU Ball...or propped up on a step (won't give the added challenge of stability - but will save you $100 on a BOSU ball!)

Fire Up Your Core and Whittle Your Waist With One Move

Plank Exercises Welcome to my Plank Exercise Photo Library. The Plank is my absolute favorite ab exercise. It strengthens all the muscles in your core. Below are 40 plank exercise variations along.

11 Exercises for a Full-Body BOSU Ball Workout

11 Body-Rocking BOSU Ball Exercises

Beyond the whole weight loss aspect* our bodies NEED hydration from good ol If you find plain water BORING* these recipes will def take care of that!


Try this Supergirl exercise on a Bosu ball to work your core and glutes for sexy, strong legs

bosu + medicine ball

New to the BOSU? Here Are 10 Exercises to Get You Started

The Shine Project: Fit Friday- Bosu Ball Workout

The Shine Project: Fit Friday- Bosu Ball Workout.*BOSU does not recommend standing on the bottom/flat part of the BOSU.