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Cutting Pet Care Costs

As responsible pet parents, we have an obligation to care for our furry friends in sickness and in health. But as pet care costs rise, how do we do what’s best for our pet? Here are a few tips to help you save money on your pet’s health care.

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Intelligence, jumping skills, and lengthy toes are what makes Cornish Rex cat amazing. This intelligent breed of cat has the skills to open doors, hang on different objects and can even rummage on your closets.

13 Smartest Cat Breed In The World

devon rex: a type of cat that is hypoallergenic(its nearly hairless, but the hair it does have is very soft and either wavy or curly) with adorable facial features, just look at those supersized ears and eyes! my next pet.

This is the most adorable thing I have ever seen in my life animals are so amazing. They take care of there babies in ways that cannot be explained un like some humans.

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Thinking about adopting a cat? Ideas, tips, checklist for adopting black cats and senior cats. Cute cats and kittens. The Flying Couponer.

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I fostered a kitty who looked like this guy. His name was Smudge.

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