Roulette by patrickreza


I made a beautiful and pleasant eyes site in dark blue tons, as well as worked ux and ui, made it for the convenience of the customer.

UI Concept | Personal Dashboard | tiles - left nav

Whitepaper IT provides best UI/UX design services globally for Software Product Application user interface design and user experience design, Web Communication Strategy & Mobile application.

Social media tracking dashboard. by Kateryna Musayeva #Design Popular #Dribbble #shots

Social media tracking dashboard.

via Muzli design inspiration Dashboard Analytics by Claudiu Cioba Plan by uixNinja Sneak Peak by Nick Franchi for Coulee Creative Social media tracking

Few weeks ago I worked on the new @Mixpanel "Trends" landing. We did not just want to give it a small refresh but I wanted to be designed in a way that it would inspire people to learn more, to sha...

Data visualization / Statistics / Trends Design / graph / graphs

Real pixels

NS: typical Design fail - all focus (max contrast) on layout and visually demoted content. A beautiful brand but counter-productive dashboard

Redesign paymetric dashboard to gives paypal users a more simple, powerful reporting tool that provides an at-a- glance view of their business sales.

I am a freelance user interface and user experience designer based in India. I am specialize in designing UI UX for websites and mobile apps.