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Html5 Infographic 14 - http://infographicality.com/html5-infographic-14-2/

It shows data and results from a survey about Adoption Patterns in This infographic based on survey of software developers worldwide in the pe

[Infographic] The Hype Versus Reality of HTML5 Deployment

[Infographic] The Hype Versus Reality of HTML5 Deployment

HTML Hpe vs Reality: Flash is S**t, that's all the reason I need to like ;

HTML5 Telefonica Blog V2 1000px

2013 Benefits, Usage and Predictions

Designing websites can be quite a jungle sometimes since, with time, the number of languages at our disposal has gotten so much greater.  Way back when thi

The Ultimate HTML 5 Cheat Sheet

Evoloution of HTML5 Infographic csschopper Evolution of HTML5 through CSS Chopper’s Infographic

Evolution of Infographic: View the past, present & future of via this infographic provided by CSS Chopper.

responsive design workflow

With changes in website design industry we see a need to change the way we approach website design. This infographic describes responsive design workf