This is totally what I do whenever Dorian gets knocked out, I go on s vengeful rampage against anyone who hurts my best friend

Solas should learn at least one thing from his time with me: Don't mess with my Dorian. While my Inquisitor was a lady, this is true.

Zevran approves by ~strunza on deviantART  Oh my Golly gee willickers, that's so Zevran.

Zevran approves by ~strunza on deviantART- You will need armour, elf. LOLOL love you, Sten.

Fenris & Anders

Dragon Age: The broody bros from Dragon Age man they could be depressing

Wait. Morrigan's NOT a cruel, manipulative heartless bitch? Oh, yes she is. But this is still *d'awwwwww*

Dragon Age's Morrigan, Alistair, Dog and Player Character's disembodied voice in a day of party interaction.

This makes me want to laugh and cry. I hate being reminded that Anders is a psychopath.

Dragon Age 2 comic I find funny. so uh, Howie Told Tital, you don' T remember your own ' dragon age two Fenris Anders Chantry Explosion magic Fireworks Birthday

i too wish to hit people with a broom instead of magicking at them

This is so perfect tbh.