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"Acrobat, diplomat and simple Tabby cat.  He conjures tangled forests in a furnished flat." --Michael Hamburger

my vet says orange males are the most affectionate cats.--YES this has been my years' cat-caring experience! (female orange cats are also fairly affectionate & often purr on you when you are ill)

Wauw  one of a kind

This Maine Coon cat has the strangest, humanlike face with eyes that look as if they can see right through you." I love this dude.

Gift From Heaven

Lovely cats ~~ Share the Cute Cats to Make you Smile. Have a Nice Day! Enjoy and share with your fans!

Beautiful kitty lines

The leopard cat (Prionailurus bengalensis) is a small wild cat. The leopard cat's name is derived from the leopard-like spots prevalent in all subspecies, but its relation to the leopard is distant.